:: today i couldn't be more proud to be an american

:: today it didn't "click" when i first heard the news. 

:: today, on the way to work, it "clicked". 

:: today i said an awkward prayer, not knowing if it was ok to thank Him for taking a life

:: today i thought of all the lives lost because of the evil and wondered what He thinks of it

:: today a twelve-old told me it was 'not cool' that everyone was celebrating a death

:: today i agreed with him and was glad that we had a moment chatting about why it felt good, even though it shouldn't. 

:: today i am so thankful for the courageous military that made this justice possible. 

:: today i am even more thankful that no american or innocent citizen lives were lost. 

:: today i hope that families and loved ones of the lost are able to shed one more tear, this time laced with just a tiny bit of closure.

:: today was full of mixed emotions...but ultimately, relief.

God bless the U.S.A.

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