organization {dresser drawers}

in our bedroom, we only have one dresser. it's old. it's ugly. i have no idea why we haven't replaced it. we have looked at new furniture. but we never buy. i think we might have some commitment issues we need to work through or something... so, there is a lot of stuff crammed into our one little dresser. and it was time for some purging and tidying.

it was a pretty easy project that i was able to work through gradually - one drawer and a time. but ultimately, it is small projects like this that make daily life so much more bearable. the pictures don't really do the drawers justice. just trust me! i actually completed this project several months ago and i'm happy to report that all drawers are still neat & tidy!

here are before and after photos, starting with my underwear drawer. i can't believe i'm actually posting photos of my underwear drawer! anyway, the left side is mine and was a jumbled mess. now everything is folded and tidy, stacked by style. the right half is the "junk" half which is mostly my husband's stuff. got rid of lots of junk!

and then there's the sock drawer. which also contains bathing suits. and coverups. and miscellaneous undergarments. i honestly could not believe how much stuff was in this drawer. the photos don't really look that different, but there was a lot of purging for sure!
and then my tank tops...i had purged/organized this not too long ago so this didn't require as much maintenance. the left two stacks are more casual, ribbed styles. the right stacks are more camisole styles. i've kept them separated this way for a while and it works for me. i have a ton of tank tops, but i wear them all the time, year round. i wear them under things, to sleep and around the house. i probably wear 2-3 different ones a day.
my winter drawer. at the beginning of the winter, i tidied this drawer, so it wasn't too bad. it containers all of my hats, scarves and some gloves (most of my gloves are kept in the matching coat pockets). my husband's winter gear is in here too but he doesn't have that much. i was able to purge several things that i don't really wear and tidied up some more. as you can see, coleman enjoyed helping.

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