music monday {montgomery gentry}

it's been a while since i've shared a music monday post, but this is definitely worth documenting! i never really fancied myself a huge montgomery gentry fan, but i definitely like them a lot more now than i did a week ago!

let's rewind a bit...
a while back, it was confirmed that they would be performing at a local event my company was sponsoring. since i'm a lover of the country music, i was excited. i even created a MG pandora station the week or two leading up to the event.

fast forward to last thursday night...
while working on some things outside of the venue, i was able to sneak inside for a glimpse of MG doing their warm-up...that was pretty nifty! then during the VIP section, a coworker and I hopped back inside long enough to get our photo taken with them. (for those of you that might be nascar fans, you will probably recognize jimmie johnson, also. the guy on the far right was the opening act, randy montana).

after a few more hours of working outside the venue, i made it inside a few minutes before the show began. most of my co-workers don't have an appreciation of good story-telling music laced with a southern twang. luckily, two folks were willing to join me in the quest for an amazing concert experience.

we scooted our way down to the floor of this private event...politely elbowing our way to the center (about 10-12 rows of people back from the stage). remaining photos taken with my iphone, so i apologize for the quality.

i knew they would put on a good show. their music is loud and fun and perfect for a live event. i had no idea they'd put on an awesome show. and equally exciting is that, over time, we ended up just TWO people back from the stage. it was unbelievable.

p.s. troy gentry is a hottie.

of course, it wouldn't be a true music monday without some actual music. this is one of my favorite MG songs...and it's the perfect concert song!

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