week in the life {monday ~ july 25}

and so the week begins...

Week in the Life

as most weekday mornings begin, i rose at 5:00 a.m. at the sound of my alarm. after showering, i enjoyed about thirty minutes of quiet time/bible study. i prepared for the work day and coleman finally woke around 6:30 (this is actually late for him). i woke matt up so i could head out the door. i try to get an earlier start on the days when matt is home with the boys.

Monday: commute + coffee

i drove matt's truck to work because my car had yet another flat tire. i feel at home in my car. i love my car. i would rather drive my car. possibly feeling inspired by a different set of wheels, my commute was a tad different as well. i bypassed my normal exit onto the interstate so i could stop at dunkin donuts for some coffee. then i decided to take I-485 to I-77, which I never normally do. oh yes, i am living on the wild side!

Monday: the blackberry

plenty of early morning emails start flowing onto my blackberry. i know i shouldn't look at them while i'm driving, but with an hour commute, it's hard not to find ways to entertain yourself. and yes, i have two phones: a blackberry for work and my personal iphone.

Monday: the exit

exit 33 ... mooresville, nc. that's me. everyday...over sixty miles. each way. yes, i'm crazy. i actually spent more time than usual in the car because later in the day i had to drive up to the lowe's planogram facility, which is located north in troutman, nc...even farther from home!

Monday: IKEA loot for new office

even though i drove matt's truck mainly due to my flat tire, i needed to drive it anyway. over the weekend, we went to ikea and bought some stuff for my office. part of the loot is pictured. we have a lot of work to do!

Monday: Matt & Spencer caught the matinee show of Captain America

matt and spencer went to the movies...they caught the matinee showing of  captain america. they both seemed to enjoy it. we do not go to the movies often, so i was a bit shocked when i saw the cost!

Monday: yet another unhealthy lunch. I gotta get my act together.

i must sadly confess that i caved in and got mcdonald's for lunch. i didn't pack anything. it was late and i was starving. i had to drive up to the POG facility...so i went for easy. i have got to get my act together!
Monday: yucky traffic

traffic...always traffic. story of my life.

Monday: hydroxyl - trying to salvage our house

and when i got home... this is our new best friend. it's a big loud machine that sucks the yuckiness out of the air. after our "almost" house fire, everything stinks. bad. thankfully, sister sherry was able to hook us up with this for free. yippee!!!

Monday: Coleman enjoying the big fan

coleman quickly learned that the big machine was kind of fun. getting him to not touch it...a bit trickier.

Monday: Coleman's "bubble" artwork from daycare

and some cool artwork that coleman brought home from aj's. this wasn't one of his normal days to go since matt was off, but since matt obviously had a crapload of not-so-fun things to take care of (due to flat tires and almost house fires)...coleman was much better off at daycare.

Monday: got this new mack daddy laptop bag from work. It's not exactly winning any cute awards but *dang* it holds a lot of stuff!!

we got some surprises packages at work. we were each provided some henkel gear, including a rolling duffle bag and a mac daddy laptop bag (pictured). i've needed a new laptop bag in a serious way!!! my junk wouldn't fit into my old one...this new one is huge! and now that it's full....it's also quite heavy!

 *all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards


  1. I like your traffic photo. I tried to take some shots looking forward through the windshield at the back-ends of all the cars in front of me, but none of them really told the story. The view from your outside mirror really catches one's attention.

  2. Elsi -- I actually tried several times to capture the same image (traffic in FRONT of me) and then realized I had the nice view in the side mirror! Another cool angle would be in the rearview mirror.