week in the life {wednesday ~ july 27}

day three...

Wednesday: breakfast in the office

an apple for breakfast at the office. i'm a horrible breakfast eater. i never eat anything at home. sometimes i get around to something at work. i try to remember to bring in some easy things (fruit, granola bars, etc). i get up at 5:00 and don't get into work until 8:00. most days, i don't touch food until at least 9:00. this is not a good habit and i know it.

Wednesday: life binder

my life binder. or home management binder. or whatever trendy name you choose... i look at this now and think "when the h*ll did i have time to make this look cute???"...whatever. parts of this are really working for me, parts are not. i need to re-think it a little bit. but overall, i like it and glad i put it together!

Wednesday: work to-do list

my work to-do list. at the front of a moleskin notebook. i love lists. i love moleskin. i love narrow-ruled paper (yes, that's weird and i'm ok with that). a list on narrow-ruled paper in a moleskin notebook with bunches of things scratched out and some sticky notes added in...pretty much this is a snapshot of what heaven looks like! do you think God has a to do list? probably not. but i bet his angels do. i mean, working for God...that's a tough gig, right???

Wednesday: today's outfit. Casual (no work meetings)

my work outfit. i wore jeans because...well, because i could. this sheer striped shirt is ridiculously old. i think it's from old navy...like, before the logo update. crazy.

Wednesday: grocery shopping at Harris Teeter

when i started going into the office everyday (as opposed to working from home twice a week), part of the agreement was that i'd leave early a few days. it's a tough thing...a constant battle of where i'm "supposed" to be...the balance of work and family. today, i did leave early and hit the grocery store on my way home. here you see the bread section of harris teeter, my most often shopped local grocer. (perfect example of being torn: upon entering the store, i had to pull my cart over - next to the nice floral displays - and send a couple of emails to deal with some open issues.)

Wednesday: coupon binder

and no grocery trip is complete withput my coupon binder. i've been at it for a while now...around two years, i believe. the "glory" of saving money is long gone. but now that i know what can be saved, it's impossible to accept full retail. i struggle with keeping my coupons clipped and filed in a timely manner, and i don't save as much money as i used to, but i'm still living the dream ... one doubled coupon at a time.

Wednesday: full grocery cart

and the final product... the full buggy. (that's what we call shopping carts in the South). see my list on the left? yes, it's typed. spencer makes fun of me. i yell at him. no we don't eat that many potato chips, but when they are buy two get three free, ya gotta stock up. it's a rule. well, a rule for those of us that have no regards for our health. but whatever.

Wednesday: yummy yogurt snack

speaking of health...here is my precious toddler eating yogurt. that's healthy, right??? granted, it's "fun" yogurt. and it's not organic. and it's probably not that good for you. but maybe. of course the sad part is that i'm not crazed enough to even know if it's good for him or not. oh, and he's eating this a few minutes before dinner. because that's how we roll.

Wednesday: at home outfit

and here i am in my not-work clothes. because they are so dramatically different than my snazzy work clothes, right? i found this camo shirt tucked in the back of my closet. i haven't worn it since my weight loss. which actually means i haven't worn it in years because i was too fat to wear it but i really like it so i refused to get rid of it in the hopes that i wouldn't be fat and could squeeze into it again. and i did. thank you very much. (p.s. please do not point out the muffin top because that will totally ruin the moment for me.)

Wednesday: to go from the white horse

speaking of muffin tops...this is what causes them. not the salad. maybe the croutons and bacon bits and chicken strips...but really...it's that darned ranch dressing. it's heaven in a plastic tub (not to be confused with the moleskin heaven...cuz that's different). oh, if you're wondering - this deliciously unhealthy salad is a to go order from the white horse, which a local restaurant that my husband adores...i don't get it. well, maybe a little because their ranch dressing is heavenly...did i mention that? wanna know why we ordered out after i spent two hundred dollars at the grocery store? me too. matt's logic..."i saved thirty bucks on your tires today, let's order white horse." ummm....ok?

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards


  1. Fun post! I like your humor. I also love lists, although I don't type mine. :) Fun idea, that coupon binder. I have never used a coupon for food before...somehow maybe I am too lazy to look for them? I have heard of crazy tv shows about people hardly spending anything on food when they use coupns. Maybe I should start clipping coupons since I spend a ridiculous percentage of my paycheck on food!

    PS. You don't have a muffin top. :)

  2. Hi Holly! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love your post, so funny:) I see no muffin top either, isn't it funny how we all think we look bigger in these self portraits? I am shocked at how big I look! Perhaps I really will diet properly now:)