week in the life {tuesday ~ july 26}

day two...

today was unusual because i worked from home. though i used to do this a couple of times a week, it's now an exception to the rule. the original plan was for matt, spencer and i to spend our afternoon helping out at the fundraiser golf tournament that his baseball team/facility was coordinating...

but alas, life happened. with tires to be replaced, walls to scrub, and carpet to shampoo...volunteering wasn't going to fit into our day.

Tuesday: this is the face you get when you try to take a picture of a 2 year old when he first gets up!

when i work from home, i forfeit the 5 a.m. alarm and let this little fellow wake me up. a very loud "mommy" hollered through the baby monitor is my wake up call. we stumble downstairs...and i plop him on the kitchen table (cuz that's safe, right???) while i let the dogs out. then i take his picture (which apparently this little booger doesn't appreciate!)

Tuesday: love my keurig

and then there's the coffee. coleman loves to help me make "fockee" with our keurig. (for the record, it's very unusual for the dogs to be let out before my coffee is brewed. i'm just mean like that. they must've really been making a racket to win over "fockee"). oh, and this coffee cup is totally christmas...but i love it and refuse to put it away with my christmas decorations. it has a matching small plate that i also leave out year round.

Tuesday: early morning snuggles. love them!

oh, the glory of the early morning snuggle. i mean...really???? what could be any sweeter than this? mornings for coleman and i include cuddling in matt's recliner with the red blanket (over my lap, under his legs)...coffee and milk on the table...mickey mouse on tv. and did i mention snuggles and cuddles?

Tuesday: Cooper says good morning

apparently cooper thought he needed some early morning snuggles also. which is weird. normally he's happy and content hanging out on the sofa alone, still in a bit of an early morning slumber...happy to be left to himself. i have no idea why he felt compelled to not only jump on my lap, but get all up in my bizness. see the look on my face? that says it all.

Tuesday: donation for silent auction

after matt and i realized that volunteering at the golf tournament was not going to happen, i put together the silent auction donation for the event. a friend of mine donated the thirty-one tote and i filled it with duct tape and glues. later in the day, matt dropped it off at the country club.

Tuesday: wiping our smoky walls with chemical sponges

matt and spencer wiping the walls down with dry chemical sponges. i don't even know what that is or why it supposedly works. what i do know is that spencer "working" only lasted about 30 seconds after this photo was snapped. but poor matt...he worked his tail off trying to get our house to smell better.

Tuesday: text from Scott about USC QB coach

no summer is complete without some ridiculous gamecock scandal, right? and of course it has to involve the law and alcohol. and lucky for us, this time it also included peeing in public...by a COACH???? we got the news via text message from matt's best friend, scott.

Tuesday: my drinks (coffee, water, root beer)

my collection of drinks from the day...first it was coffee, then some water with lunch, and an afternoon treat of root beer. in a koozie of course. i simply can not drink a canned drink without a koozie. i'm not very high maintenance, but i gotta have a koozie.

Tuesday: Spencer working on his summer reading

as is typical, spencer has put off his summer reading until very late in the game. here he is finishing up the first of two books that he has to read before school starts.

Tuesday: my super sexy work-at-home outfit

here i am, looking all sexy in my work-from-home outfit. these long shorts are totally not flattering on me, but are incredibly comfy (and i got them dirt cheap at old navy). the long gamecocks sweatshirt is randomly yellow, but also super comfy. and yes, there is a heat wave. but my husband keeps our house frigid, so i'm always dressed for winter when i'm indoors. it's actually shocking that i'm wearing shorts. do you like my hair? i styled it special for the picture...

Tuesday: what happens when a 2 yr old picks out his own socks and shoes

this is what happens when a two-year-old picks out his own shoes and socks. but whatever...i happen to think his quirkiness is his most endearing personality trait. look at those calves...dang!

Tuesday: Spencer still in his PJs at 5pm...playing ball with his little brother

spencer is such a good "bubba"...constantly playing baseball with coleman. i mean, really...i'm not exaggerating. ok, maybe a tad...he does have to eat, sleep and pee. but other than that, he is almost always entertaining and playing with his brother. so sweet!

Tuesday: I'm trying to decide if I drink enough beer, maybe the house will start to smell good.

i can not stand drinking bud light. but for some reason, bud light lime...tolerable. no, it's actually good. it's a great light, summery beer. and at this point in time, i wondered to myself "if i drink enough of these, will my house start to smell good?". it never smelled good...so i guess i didn't drink enough.

Tuesday: boys playing soccer, matt playing video games, and machine #2 has joined the family.

what a great snapshot of our life. you can see our "machine" (which is the 2nd one...they dropped off another one so we could keep one upstairs and one downstairs). and then there is matt playing video games. and, of course, there is spencer playing soccer with coleman (SEE...told you he is a kicka$$ big brother!).

Tuesday: special delivery from Spencer. So sweet.

then, when coleman goes to bed...he makes and delivers a root beer float to me... i have no idea why, but he's awesome like that. i better stop bragging on him - if he reads this, he's going to get a big head. oh wait, his head is already huge. and so is coleman's. but mine's not. and matt's isn't...wonder where they inherited big heads???

Tuesday: root beer float. Yummy!

a close up shot of my root beer float. so tasty and frothy. yuuuuummmmmmmm.
Tuesday: watching Master Chef

matt, spencer and i watched master chef on tv. matt is obsessed with all chef gordon ramsey shows. and there are a lot. that dude is a total workaholic (ramsey, not matt). but, i must confess that i enjoy master chef (much more than hell's kitchen). i also enjoy kitchen nightmares.

Tuesday: did the laundry...never got around to putting it away

and then there was laundry. i worked on it all day, but didn't manage to get it put away before bed. tsk, tsk. the white laundry basket belongs to matt and me. the brown is coleman's. spencer's is the red one (which is actually gamecock).

Tuesday: time to go night night

time to go night-night. that's a wrap.

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

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