celebrate {may 2011}

celebrate {big moments}
  • spencer played the second half of a baseball tournament. they went 2-0 and won the silver championship.
  • later in the month, they played another tournament and came in second place.
  • i treated myself to a new camera!!!
  • the four of us attended the gamecock fan fest at knights castle
110511 Gamecock Fan Fest 03 - Spurrier + Matt + Coleman + Spencer

110501 X1 Carolinas 77 copy

celebrate {little moments}
  • coleman, michelle and i went to the edventure children's museum in columbia.
  • the four of us had a little cinco de mayo celebration, complete with mexican food and maracas
  • we had a ton of stuff going on at work. i worked a jimmie jam concert (got to see montgomery gentry perform) and the coca-cola 600.
  • spencer had awards day at school
  • coleman had a field trip to the lazy 5 ranch and i was able to tag along
  • spencer went on a field trip to riverbanks zoo

110531 Lazy 5 Ranch 13 - Coleman

110507 EdVenture 05 - H+C

celebrate {struggles}
  • spencer continued to play rec baseball but was not particularly happy with his coach
  • coleman got ringworm. we don't know how, but luckily it was small and did not spread.
110530 Memorial Day 03 - Spencer

celebrate {family}
  • watched bo race in the state qualifier (he did not qualify)
  • we had a small birthday celebration for maggie's 13th at my house after our columbia adventures.
  • coleman and i went to sherry's church to hear bo speak in honor of his graduating
  • coleman and i spent mother's day at sherry's (mom, michelle, marion & maggie were in town)
110508 Mother's Day 07 - Michelle + Holly + Mom + Sherry

110507 Track Meet 06 - Bo

celebrate {friends}

  • attended a gathering at the chandler's house
  • we had an impromptu (kiddie) pool party - in attendance were the williams and monk families.
  • coleman and i attended giada's second birthday party
110530 Memorial Day 14

celebrate {home}
  • we finally purchased a fridge for our garage. i love, love, love it!!!

110528 Coleman swinging bat with video game

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