celebrate {spencer - july 2011}

110503 Spencer in recliner

you have mastered the art of sleeping late. i remember when you were a relatively early riser (granted, you never made a habit of getting up as early as your crazy little brother!). now that you're older, you easily stay tucked in snug until 10:00 or 11:00...sometimes you actually wake earlier than that but enjoy lounging in your room for a while.

110511 Gamecock Fan Fest 01 - Spencer

i'm sure it's a bit repetitive to point out that you enjoy obsess over watching baseball. it has taken me years to gradually enjoy watching the sport on tv...an ongoing struggle for me. but my ability to get into a game improves constantly. ultimately, i enjoy watching them with you. you take pride in answering my (often dumb) questions. spending time entangled in something of importance to you brings me joy. the gamecocks sweeping the college world series entertained us this month!

110521 X1 Tournament 24 - Spencer

in regards to baseball, frustrations arose for you recently. even though you still love playing, love your team, really like your coaches...you have been wishing for a bit more time on the field, and in particular on the mound. this month, you were able to get back up there and throw some pitches. and it has made all the difference. 

110521 X1 Tournament 12 - Spencer

you exhibit a bit of an attitude while playing baseball. it's always at yourself, not others. but you expect perfection and get ticked when you don't meet your own expectations. this often results in a bit of a tantrum, such as throwing your hat or glove in the dugout. your coaches (and parents!) are not fond of this habit. you've lost some playing time due to your little fits.

110527 Riverbanks Field Trip 01

you create and tolerate unreasonable amounts of girl drama. you keep it to yourself. i hate it all and look forward to the day these days are mere memories...

110530 Memorial Day 03 - Spencer

for the first time in many, many summers...you prefer not to wear swim shirts with your bathing suits. apparently these are no longer cool. (don't tell coleman). however, maturity and intelligence bring you to a point of willingly asking for sunscreen. smart boy. 

you were with us a lot this month...including two full straight weeks. it's my favorite part of summer. having you here more often makes everything seem more "right". 

110521 X1 Tournament 36 - Spencer with trophy

you still enjoy playing video games. many hours disappear while you and daddy kill people on screen (call of duty), but your personal favorite remains baseball (MLB The Show).

you and i shared a "first" experience together...our first ride on a helicopter! i love that you and i partner together to do *high* things that freak out your father!

all photos were taken in may2011

this post is part of a series highlighting the life and growth of our boys each month. 
spencer will be featured on the 15th of every month, and coleman on the 24th. 


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