celebrate {33 years}

yesterday i celebrated my 33rd birthday. it was a monday. a work day. but luckily matt was off work and spencer was home with us. the four of us were able to spend the evening together celebrating as a family.

my day...in instagram photos...

a morning treat | venti chai latte
my current starbucks favorite
My birthday morning treat...venti chai latte

quick lunch treat | chinese take-out
Treating myself to a yummy (fattening) birthday lunch

birthday outfit | new scarf
when i saw my mom recently, she went ahead and gave me my birthday gifts,which included this scarf. appropriate that i actually wear it on my birthday too. 
Wearing a new scarf my mom gave me for my birthday :)

welcome home | birthday sign + inside joke
advertising my age to the world...
over the weekend, coleman started calling me "maw maw" for no reason. 
matt and spencer seem to think that's funny. really funny.
Greeting me when I came home...
daily grind | spreadsheets
some things just don't change...regardless of whether it's your birthday
These are the things people should NOT have to do on their birthday :)

handmade love | courtesy of spencer
spencer made me this 12x12 birthday "card" and signed it from him, coleman, rio and cooper.
so sweet. and cute.
My "card" that Spencer made me from him, Coleman, Rio and Cooper
supper treat | mexican
of course my choice for supper was mexican...my favorite.
Birthday supper...

surprise treat | birthday cake
i was surprised when matt whipped out a birthday cake for me...
with 33 candles...
almost caught the house on fire....
My birthday cake (last night)...Matt was kind enough to actually put 33 candles on it!
birthday sparkles | leftover fireworks
on the 4th, coleman crashed early and missed the fireworks we had bought.
we saved a few of the smaller ones. decided to do some on my birthday.
it was hot. and i'm not talking about the fireworks.
we didn't last long before retreating inside to the air conditioner....
Birthday fireworks (a few small leftovers from the 4th)

finale | home run derby
our night ended with watching the home run derby...it was fun.
loved that the guy who won had his father pitch to him.
spencer was mad that a yankee won.

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