{this week}

~ i purchased spencer's (over-priced) halloween costume ~

~ i picked up the keepsake ornament book from hallmark ~

~ i sent an email addressing my first "issue" as a hoa board member ~
~ i witnessed the most beautiful baby girl getting baptised ~

~ i worked from home two days ~

~ my whole family carved a pumpkin (well, we all helped except coleman who just played in the guts) ~
~ i fixed my hair with no product (not the end of the world, but definitely not the best hair day on record) ~

~ i spent two days in cleveland (which included an uninterrupted night's sleep) ~
~ i discovered that brown sugar is yummy on a banana ~

~ spencer got his report card (1 A, 3 Bs) ~

~ my flight home was delayed ~

~ i drank bud light (not a fan) ~

~ i tried desperately to get a cute picture of coleman in his "little monster" shirt with no luck ~
~ matt seriously impressed me by taking a photo of coleman watching the kelli pickler video ~

~ it rained on halloween, creating a last minute rearrange of the garage for the festivities ~

~ i made taco soup ~

~ i was glad that the dvr recorded 14 episodes from the ncis marathon on a fluke ~

~ coleman amazingly fit into his monkey costume ~
~ spencer decided he didn't want to trick-or-treat, so he chose to hand out candy instead ~
~ i made goodie bags for the neighborhood kids ~

~ the gamecocks got their butts handed to them by tennessee ~

~ my house had a 9' inflatable gamecock in the den (and frankenstein in the front yard) ~

~ coleman had his worst night of sleep (or lack thereof) yet ~


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