holidays in hand {day 1}

a while back i mentioned that i signed up for another free class at jessica sprague's website. it started about a week ago but because of my traveling, i haven't been able to do anything with it. the first lesson said we need to use a journal or blog for some things. well...i'm much better at blogging than keeping a journal, so you will see things related to this class for a short while.

the first thing we are supposed to do is think about our holiday values. What we treasure, hopes we have, what we want to instill in our children, etc. we are supposed to start with a list of words.

here's what comes to mind for me:
- tradition - fun - christ - family - food - memories - faith - warmth - comfort - crafts - baking - charity - anticipation - believe - awe - coziness - peace - contentment - welcome - home - bond - friendship - giving - sharing -

all of a sudden i can't get her website to work for me, so i can't go on to read what our first official "assignment" is. i think this is a way for my computer to tell me to go to bed. GOOD NIGHT :)


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