more savings {11.09 + 11.10}

I had to go to Bi-Lo because they were running a great Beech-Nut deal. Everything I got was on sale + I had a coupon for it all+ the deal gave $5 instant savings if you purchased $15. So, in total, I got $23.00 worth of baby food items (jars + juice + cereal) for only $4.61!!! Woohoo.

Summary of entire Bi-Lo trip:
Total at full retail = $69.62
Paid = $35.89
Saved = $33.73 (48%)

I went back to Harris Teeter to only get free/cheap items. Spencer's class is collecting "personal care items" for a local food bank this month so my goal was to make sure I got a few things in that area. I got tons of rice for free or super cheap (this is not "easy rice" so most of it will probably get donated...I'm just that lazy). For his class, I got two bottles of lotion, dental floss, toothpaste, bar soap. None of it was free, but it was all very cheap. Free muffin mix. I also picked up some baby food and formula. Was hoping for some super cheap wipes, but the coupon beeped and then a pesky manager read the "do not double" and they ended up not being such a steal. Definitely worth the extra trip (and I was able to do it on my lunch hour since I wasn't getting anything cold).

Harris Teeter Summary (Tripes trip #2)
Total at full retail = $82.32
Paid = $21.66
Savings = $60.66 (74%)


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