this week {11.16 - 11.22}

this week...

~ i did 7 loads of laundry ~

~ i shopped at wal-mart and cvs ~

~ i received my free address labels from vistaprint. i was very pleased with the quality (i blocked out the address in the photo) ~

~ i watched castle, brothers and sisters, the mentalist, desperate housewives, ncis la, private practice, cold case, law and order (got caught up on a bunch of dvr'd stuff while matt was working)

~ i worked from home two days (monday, friday) ~

~ i traveled to cleveland for three days for our national sales meeting ~

~ i sent a bag of "personal items" to school with spencer for his class's collection ~

~ i watched the space shuttle launch ~

~ matt was off most of the week and worked nights over the weekend ~

~ spencer brought home his veteran's day project ~

~ i cried when i saw the "teasers" from our family photo shoot ~

~ i got a car charger and case for my new iphone. matt got an auxillary cord and case for his ~

~ i cried when i left coleman to go on my trip ~

~ i finished reading reckless abandon by stuart woods ~

~ i bowled three games and our team came in second place (won $40!) ~

~ i drank a GP1tini (long story) ~

~ i missed my baby in a serious way ~

~ i was excited to discover lots of christmas music on the sirius channels ~

~ i synched up my christmas playlist onto my iphone ~

~ coleman hit his head on the coffee table. not that unusual but this time it left a mark ~

~ i didn't get to see spencer all week (he was here the three days i was gone). felt weird. ~

 ~ coleman keeps getting better with his walker toy ~

~ i made a welcome basket of muffins for the neighbors ~

~ i worked on several things for the social committee (welcome card, website, newsletter, distribution list, advertising form) ~

~ coleman's favorite toys were an empty coke bottle, wisk, koozie and measuring spoon ~

~ i ordered our christmas cards. proud of myself for having that done already ~


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