holidays in hand {days 2 + 3}

now that i've gotten through a few of the lessons, i'm beginning to have a better understanding of this class. even though the actual class only lasted a week, it's designed to walk you through the month of december (and the associated forums and gallery on her site are open all month). i'm more excited about this now that i better "get it". since i'm not doing the *daily december album* like i did last year (inspired by ali edwards), this is perfect.

day 2:
jessica provided 31 of these prompt pages, which i printed out today. (i chose the smaller, 5.5" square size). each one includes a quote, a memory jogger, a writing assignment and a photography assignment. then she has provided blank "do" and "make" lines.

day 3:
she provided some starter lists of things to do and make that we can add to the blank lines. our assignment is to fill these in. it's unreasonable to think we can make and do 31 different things (2 a day), but i'd like to get 31 ideas of each down on paper - just for inspiration and variety. i have started my list by taking some of her ideas and combining them with mine. i want to work on building this list, and not rush into it, so i will probably skip ahead in the project while still pondering some of these. my current list is 21 "things to do" and 13 "thinks to make". i will post it when i'm done.


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