this week {11.1 - 11.7}

~ i uploaded 300 photos to flickr ~
~ i was very grateful for matt getting up early with coleman a few times so i could get a tad bit more sleep ~
~ my mom had a birthday! ~
~ i worked from home three days (monday, tuesday, friday) ~
~ spencer started using a new reading log at school ~
~ i signed up for a free class at Jessica Sprague's website ~
~ spencer had his last two baseball games ~

~ coleman loved the swing at tega cay (during spencer's game) ~

~ we ate at the white horse ~

~ i learned that PSE 8 was just released (after i just purchased PSE 7) ~

~ i sent a bunch of plastic grocery bags to school with spencer for some collection thing they were doing ~

~ spencer began his position as "roaming reporter" for the school news!! ~

~ i checked out shannon and jeff's wedding website ~

~ i learned our pediatrician's office was out of flu shots, then took coleman in for a cough and found out they did have some shots left ~

~ coleman weighed 20 pounds 3 ounces ~

~ i sent out envelopes for three rebates ~

~ i attended our first hoa board meeting and was elected vice president ~

~ i made cinnamon melt muffins ~

~ i learned that a little two year old girl in columbia (a friend of a family at aj's) had swine flu, was misdiagnosed and died :( ~

~ watched lots of ncis reruns ~

~ traded coupons with katherine in greenville ~

~ bo (my nephew) ran in the state cross country race ~

~ spencer pulled out the mythbusters kit he got for his birthday and did some experiements in the kitchen floor ~

~ spencer and coleman got a halloween card from aunt michelle ~

~ coleman and john michael played in the backyard ~

~ i took this SUPER cute picture of our neighbors, les + christy ~
~ the gamecocks got their butts kicked by arkansas (that's why coleman looks a little sad here) ~

~ scott and spencer played a ton of football in the hallway. this eventually led to my lamp getting broken. nice. ~

~ i got some coupons from sherry ~

~ spencer showed me his stapler power point presentation ~

~ we ate lunch at matt's parent's house ~

~ i saw phillip (matt's nephew) drive for the first time ~

~ we all went to spencer's end-of-baseball-season party at sayago's ~

~ i finalized the letter/bios that will be sent from the board to neighbors ~
~ our internet went out again (which is why this is getting posted a day late) ~
~ i uploaded a bunch of old photos from my phone (have to remember to include that in my weekly photo upload from now on) ~
~ i took a total of 45 pictures (most of which were on saturday) see them all here ~


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