this week {11.23 - 11.29}

~ i fell down a few of our stairs. ouch. ~

~ coleman officially has some **serious** separation anxiety ~
this photo was sent to me by aj to show me that he was fine just a couple of minutes after i left

~ i did 5 loads of laundry (not bad) ~

~ i watched: csi miami, football, modern family, ncis la, glee, two and a half men. ~

~ i shopped at: kids korner consignment shop, walgreen's, and wal-mart (three times) ~

~ i was pleased to discover a nice sized balance at the consignment store. and i dropped off more stuff. ~

~ i assembled and ordered a free photo book from american greetings photoworks ($40 value) ~

~ i was super excited to see the new iphone + software makes picture messaging possible ~

~ i worked from home one day and was off two days for thanksgiving ~

~ coleman's latest obession is the dishwasher ~

~ matt was off for a few days and then worked days over the weekend ~

~ i worked on some things related to the free jessica sprague class ~

~ we had a "working mom's thanksgiving" on tuesday night with spencer since it's not his year to spend with us ~

~ coleman stood up and sat down on his own ~

~ coleman had his nine month doctor visit. clean bill of health. 21 lbs 4 oz (75th percentile) and 30" (95th percentile)

~ we had thanksgiving with matt's family and his parents' house ~

~ i bought the new sugarland christmas cd "gold and green" ~

~ i received the christmas cards i ordered. stuffed envelopes, labeled and stamped all of them. a majority, but not all, have been mailed ~

~ i ordered some christmas gifts online on "black friday" because i don't do the crazy crowds ~

~ coleman slept through the night twice ~

~ i was able to renew two of our magazine subscriptions for $5/year through amazon ~

~ i finally finished up coleman's birth mini album. it's been 95% done for a while and i needed to borrow my sister's cropadile to finish it ~

~ downloaded a ton of glee songs ~

~ coleman went for his first wagon ride through the neighborhood while i delivered neighborhood newsletters. he did really well. ~

~ the gamecocks crushed the tigers. awesome win, but a little sad that football season is over (other than bowl games) ~
first photo is of coleman intensely watching the first half of the game. the second photo is how he spent the entire second half.

~ scott came over saturday night for a while ~

~ had coffee with tara twice (friday afternoon at her house, sunday morning at mine) ~

~ coleman has a bad cough and runny nose again ~

~ my niece, maggie, went to the hannah montana concert on saturday night ~
camera phone photo sent by my sister

~ my sister and family were out of town for the holiday weekend ~
these are two phone pictures she sent me...her in a crazy hat and then teddy with his fish

~ coleman had his picture taken with "santa" at wal-mart (it wasn't a very good santa, thus the quotation marks) ~
this is how coleman spent the first half of that wal-mart trip. i can't believe how long he slept like this!

~ coleman and i hung out on the front porch with some neighbors ~


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  1. I discovered your blog on the blog roll for the HIH class and I'm loving how you summarize your week here on your blog. I'm going to have to try that myself.

    P.S. I won't hold it against you that y'all are Gamecocks fans either.