this week {11.15}

~ i worked from home two days ~

~ i had a hair appointment ~

~ i did 7 loads of laundry ~

~ spencer's class recognized veteran's day with a parade ~

~ spencer didn't participate in the parade because he is the 'roaming reporter' for the school news ~

~ i shopped at bi-lo, harris teeter, kohl's, food lion, at&t, and best buy ~

~ i watched castle, supernatural, smallville, lie to me, modern family, private practice, 2 1/2 men, law and order, glee, the mentalist and fringe (yes, i watch too much tv) ~

~ i learned that over 2 million children read the very hungry caterpillar as part of the jumpstart program. also, 275,000 books were donated. very cool. ~

~ i finally updated my profile picture on facebook (it was 7 months old) ~

~i paid child support for matt ~

~ i picked up mcdonald's for supper one night (matt's idea) and ordered pizza another night (my idea) ~

~ i ordered a new carseat for coleman ~

~ i put together notes and agenda for our first social committee meeting ~

~ i made jambalya and lasagna for dinner; matt made spaghetti and burgers ~

~ i sent emails to family with christmas gift suggestions; also got some needed gift ideas ~

~ i ordered free christmas return address labels from vistaprint.com ~

~ i finally took down the halloween decorations ~

~i attended our first social committee meeting...lots of awesome stuff! ~

~ as a result of above-mentioned meeting, i typed up a TON of notes afterwards ~

~ two different women in the same store approached me thinking i was someone else. weird ~

~ i had to do a personality profile thingy for work (it turned into an area of obsession for matt and scott) ~

~ spencer pulled his math and science grades up to As. Woohoo. ~

~ coleman had a bad, bad, bad bout of diarrhea ~

~ i realized how long three hours can feel when your baby is sick and you're waiting to hear from the stupid doctor's office ~

~ i also realized how awesome it is to have close friends/neighbors with babies too (particularly when their babies had "it" first and can tell you what to do) ~

~ spencer completed a tesselation project for school ~

~ matt got a taste of what it really means to have a *bad night* with coleman ~

~ the gamecocks lost (again) but held their own against florida ~

~ spencer forgot about the new rule of "no football throwing in the house" ~
~ scott and cameron came over to watch the game ~
~ christy came over and fixed my internet (again) ~
~ we had a last minute location change for our family photo shoot. however, it turned out to be a very good thing. i can't wait to see the shots. our photographer rocked! her work-in-progress website is here~
~ i only took 16 photos and 2 videos this week (below are a few) ~
cooper + coleman + matt

yes, i still take pictures of the dogs (sometimes). i tried to get one of rio but he wouldn't cooperate.

we brought another *christmas* present down from the attic. i'm not sure whether to be annoyed that my advanced buying has been ruined or proud that my child is more advanced than i expected. anyway, he took to this walking toy immediately. and there's cooper again.

this will entertain him for a ridiculous amount of time.

scott getting some practice in...


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