31 days: current road trip

this morning, coleman and i hit the road...headed to conway to visit family. despite how much i love and adore coleman, i have to be honest...he has been a handful lately. he is the epitome of "terrible twos" and is testing us on a regular basis.

matt had a seriously tough day with coleman yesterday. particularly in the car. though we've made this trip many times, i was quite worried...

but it was unwarranted. he was a perfect angel for the entire drive. he slept for over half of it and then we spent the rest of the time singing and dancing to some fun music. 

Coleman snoozing on our way to Conway this morning.

and our first few hours in conway were easy peasy as well. and then it was time to leave. coleman has given me some trouble getting into his carseat...but only on occasion. and we can usually work our way through it. not so much this time. he fought me so hard, i could not physically restrain him long enough to get him buckled. what a nightmare. i don't know how long it actually took. it felt like an hour. i'm sure it was much less...but we eventually made it. 

and then he was fine. here he is enjoying a yummy snack. waiting for the parade to start. wearing my sunglasses. of course. 

C sporting my sunglasses at the parade this afternoon. Love that kid!

back at the house. dirty boy all cleaned up. chilling with aunt michelle's ipad. we sent this picture to daddy as a christmas hint... (love that michelle has one of the old toy phones that was a small character in toy story three. coleman also loves it). 

C enjoying aunt Michelle's iPad.


this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.
my goal is to get my story telling groove back.
photos + words = chronicles


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