31 days: i suck

so, i tried to tackle this 31 days of  chronicles posting thing. but i suck. (that's a word i use a lot. and i shouldn't. because it sucks. see...there i go, again. seriously, it's obnoxious. i need to stop saying it. i think i remember my dad used to fuss at me for using it. i guess some habits die hard.)

today i should be posting the 18th post of the month. but i'm not, because i suck stink. this is actually only my 12th post. and the ones i did do...most were backdated.

and i'm not any more caught up on photo editing from june, july, august or september. that's right. i'm over four months behind in my "photo process". ugh.

hopefully you will forgive me. i will try to do better over the next two weeks. but seriously - i'm not making any promises.

this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.
my goal is to get my story telling groove back.
photos + words = chronicles


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