31 days: spencer's penguin

 this is george the penguin. not really. he doesn't have a name, but i feel like he should. so i am calling him george. which, in our house, is the "go to" name for random things. it's matt thing. my grandfather's name was george, so it's a little weird for me. but i digress.

last year, in sixth grade, spencer made this penguin in art, towards the end of the year. it's hard to get a twelve year old boy to talk much about school. but when they were working on this project, he talked about it frequently.  you could tell he was excited about it. and i was excited to see the final product. and therefore felt obligated to photograph it.

i think spencer has a penguin fetish. it's not the first time he's chosen penguins as the subject of a class project. i wonder what the appeal is? regardless, i think george is adorable.

 and now he's the most over-photographed clay penguin around...

this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.
my goal is to get my story telling groove back.
photos + words = chronicles


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