31 days: a shared first

our summer vacations to the beach are pretty routine. we stay at the same beach house (my brother-in-law's). we sleep in the same bedrooms. we spend our days doing the same things (pool and beach). we even tend to eat at the same restaurants (hello, japanese steakhouse!). and in most cases we don't fall victim to the tourist traps.

but, this year was different. it seemed everywhere we went, we passed signs for "cheap" helicopter rides. i'm not stupid, i knew there was a catch. but it was obvious that it had caught spencer's attention.

and he had never done it. and i had never done it. (and matt is scared of heights, which is cool because someone has to watch the tot, right???)

and so we did it. and we fell victim to the "upgrade". and spencer loved it. and i loved it. and together, we shared a first.

seeing the myrtle beach coastline from the air is not an everyday opportunity. and neither is bonding with a twelve-year-old boy. it was money well-spent and i'm so glad that spencer and i were able to share our first whirly-bird experience together.

sidenote: it totally freaked coleman out to watch spencer and i get up on the helicopter and fly off.


this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.
my goal is to get my story telling groove back.
photos + words = chronicles


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