31 days: splish splash

coleman did not have much exposure to the beach or pool prior to our beach trip this year (i mean, other than the prior year's beach trip). the vacation began with a natural level of tentativeness. he liked the idea of the water, but just wasn't quite comfortable with all that water (and that it comes towards him). it didn't take him long (less than two days, actually) to completely change his tune.

we went from a tepid water watcher to an aggressive wave jumper! as a result, he loved any opportunity to swim after that. these two videos were taken at matt's brother's house on the fourth of july...just a few days after returning from our vacation.

you will notice the "thing" he's wearing (i have NO idea what it's called). this was recommended by one of matt's coworkers. i bought it but was 100% convinced that coleman would pitch a fit the first time we tried to put it on him. BOY, was i wrong. it was perfect. though it looks incredibly uncomfortable, it allows a great level of freedom (aka - flotation) and movement in the water. much better than the old school swimmies. 


this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.

my goal is to get my story telling groove back.

photos + words = chronicles


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