31 days: pinterest

since i haven't made posting a priority (well, it's a priority in my head, but the execution...not so great). anyway... i thought i would share what i have been doing with my time. with some help from pinterest. which is rocking my world right now.

flooring: once again, matt and i are trying to tackle the decision for new flooring in our main living area. we tried this once already and never pulled the trigger. because i suck at making big irreversible decisions. (and i suck at not using the word "suck").

we have dark cabinets. i want white. but i can't have them, so we are trying to find the best solution. wish us luck. we need it. this is a time sucker. numerous trips to lowe's and home depot + too much time online looking for inspiration. not to mention i'm getting a crick in my neck from staring down at our floor for long periods of time.

 studio: an ongoing struggle is the room in our house that was a scrapbook studio in a previous life. now it's a disaster begging for some serious TLC. my birthday present was for matt to help me get it in order with some new shelving, etc. my birthday was in july. i've struggled with decision making here too (see a common theme?). the good news is that i think i finally know what i want. i feel a trip to ikea coming...

organization: i have been in a serious purging mood the last few months. and that is awesome!!! it is such a good feeling to drop off a car full of crap to goodwill. and i'm not done. i've been tackling small organization/purging projects and it's paying off...slowly but surely.

fashion: not all of my attention has been on our house. i've also been kind of obsessed with fashion lately, though i have no idea why. stripes and cardigans and plaid button downs and tall brown boots and splashes of color. happiness. i have a (childless) shopping excursion planned for this weekend. kind of excited.

this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.
my goal is to get my story telling groove back.
photos + words = chronicles


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