31 days: moments missed

it's not ideal that i spend my days in an office, rather than raising my son. but we are truly blessed to have a kind and loving caretaker for coleman when are working (that's her in the yellow shirt up there).

and you see that adorable little guy in the wifebeater and clashing hat??? yeah, he's mine. all mine. i love him all the way from his bad hair cut to his dirty little toes! but i digress...

i struggle with not staying home with coleman. it's a luxury we can't afford, and in the spirit of complete honesty, i'm not sure i'm emotionally or mentally capable of pulling off the stay-at-home-mom gig. but, i often have regrets and worries.

i think of things i did with spencer, when he was coleman's age, and i'm sad that i am finding it such a struggle to make time for the same things now. and he has milestones, and i miss them.

this is one of those. he had two field trips close together this summer. i was able to go on one, but not the second. i didn't realize until i got this picture on my phone that the field trip would involve a pony ride. his first pony ride. and i missed it. and horses are kind of a big deal to me. you know, in my "i think i was a cowgirl in a previous life" world.
when i chose to participate in this project, i was uneasy about it simply because this is a rather "public" forum and i honestly didn't think anyone cared to read about the ins-and-outs of our days... boring, right?


on day one of october, i happed upon another blog doing a similar format and she included this quote. all i have to say is AMEN SISTA!!
“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” ~ Cyril Connolly

this post is part of  a thirty-one day series.
my goal is to get my story telling groove back.
photos + words = chronicles


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  1. Missi Hunsucker6:48 AM

    WOW Holly!! I am glad I am not the only one that feels way - ALL OF IT!!!