{cards for heroes}

A few weeks before the end of the school year, I heard about Cards for Heroes. Check out their website for more information. I emailed Spencer's teacher and asked her if she would let the students make cards during one of the days at the end of the school year where they don't do much. She liked the idea and I received back this batch of super cute cards that I will be sending to his organization. They are cute, funny, touching, and all sorts of warm-fuzzy.

That following weekend I got together with my mom and sisters to scrapbook. We decided we'd make some blank cards for them as well. Time got away from us and I actually had to come home with Coleman before we completed it. But when I met up with them for brunch the next day, they gave me a big 'ole bag of beautiful cards to send over. Yay Family! I haven't mailed them yet and plan to add a few of my own additions to the stack. I hope to be able to send some a few times a year or something. I think it's an awesome cause.

This is the card Spencer made (sorry parts of it are turned all cock-eyed).

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