{and she feels like rambling...}

at the risk of sounding cheesy and cliche...tgif!

my zac brown band playlist isn't long enough. only six songs. it's on my to-do list to download more.

i'm drinking coffee and eating an (incredibly fattening) breakfast from mcdonald's. a friday treat, i suppose (whatever excuse works, right???). i love when they have monopoly. i have no idea why. i've never won anything. which is crazy considering how much mickey d's we eat (shhhhh..don't tell the "mom of the year" judging panel).

i'm wearing new black heels today. i love them. they are super cute and comfortable. a little piece of footwear heaven (oh, and they were only around $30 on sale!). i've been looking for new black heels for a long time. probably close to a year! i knew i wanted a mary jane style and it's been pretty hard to find. then *boom* they were everywhere. i guess i just needed to wait until fall. this picture is similar to mine, but not identical. mine don't look like a dead animal.

spencer has junior cotillion tonight. he totally flopped at doing his "homework". we need to figure out a better way to explain the demons of procrastination to a twelve-year-old. or we could try flying around the moon and would probably be more successful.
100910 Junior Cotillion 08 - Spencer before

what did you think of the duet-themed glee this week??? i liked it (you're shocked, i know). my favorite was definitely the sam/quinn duet. what's up with puck not being on? i didn't even get the heads up about that happening! is anyone keeping track of how many barbra streisand songs have been done? two upcoming issues. first of all - it's not on next week, GASP! second...not sure how i feel about the whole rocky horror thing. but to get in the spirit, matt and i may rent it sometime before the glee episode airs because i've never seen it, DOUBLE GASP!

i'm super excited about the weekend. why? i'm supposed to be scrapping tonight with a neighbor. the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and we are planning on visiting the pumpkin patches. then, of course, there is gamecock football. good stuff. but mostly...because i actually get to see my family!


  1. So... first of all, I love your ramblings! :o) 2nd... those shoes are adorable, and I'm sure without the dead animal look they are only BETTER! and um... 3rd..which I am sure is just going to COMPLETELY SHOCK the heck out of you... I... um... also have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. *gasp*
    However, I do feel a little better knowing that I share yet another similarity with you... :o)

  2. Hey friend! I too love your ramblings! So...we have decided to take G to the zoo. I will fill you in on how well that goes. We will be there by 12, be there for a few hours, then home in time for the game...I think. I REALLY wanted to come over but don't know if I will have the stamina after a day with G at the zoo. I will text you though. I hope you are doing well and guess what....I too have NOT seem Rocky Horror Picture Show. :)