music monday {dj got us...}

yeah, i know it's not monday.

the back story:
last night, i sat at the computer and started writing a {music monday} post about my current obsession with zac brown band. i was totally uninspired (most likely caused by exhaustion) and gave up. at that point, my intent was to just skip {music monday} all together. then, on the radio this morning, right as i'm nearing our office, this song started to play. i turned it up loud. really loud. and then decided i'd just do a quick post about the song...nothing elaborate. no stories. just to share a fun song. but, in the few minutes of that song, as i danced and sang in my car, i realized i did have a few stories to tell (yes, i know everyone is shocked at this point).

the random story:
i love usher. i have for a long, long time. i actually remember when he was on the bold and the beautiful. yes, there was a day and time when i actually watched soaps...a lot...all of the ones on CBS. i was in high school and apparently had nothing better to do with my time. but, i digress. i don't own every old usher album, but i do have the my way and confessions CDs. my iPhone currently holds 9 favorite songs.

the pointless story:
while looking up pictures for this post, i learned that usher and i are actually the same age. i did not realize that. he looks much better for his age than i do :)

getting to the point:
now, for the actual song...this is one of my favorite usher songs in a while. probably the best since his confessions album. so fun!!! after you watch the video, read my last tiny story below...

the obligatory *cute kid* story:
coleman likes this song too. (you shouldn't be surprised. he has very good taste in music.) see those cool dance moves usher has going on? particularly the *side to side* thing? coleman does that when he watches the video. now i'm debating whether he's going to be an MLB pitcher, NFL quarterback or a white-boy R&B singer...

in case you haven't had enough of me yet...here are the songs on my iPhone:
  1. Confessions Part II
  2. Caught Up
  3. DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again
  4. Love in this Club
  5. My Boo
  6. OMG
  7. Red Light
  8. Yeah!
  9. You Make Me Wanna


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