photo challenge {becky higgins style}

a while back, becky higgins started posting occasional photo challenges on her blog. they were simple and doable...yet still intriguing. i've had the posts *starred* in my reader for a while and need to play catch up. however, i did do the very first one…

set your camera down

original post and results post

this photo was taken with my camera sitting on the kitchen counter (near the sink) pointed toward a corner area. we were having breakfast at lunch time. french toast and bacon. i love how it captures several *everyday* aspects of our world: orange and red kitchen utensils, labeled powdered sugar container, favorite dish towels from crate & barrel, colorful salt & pepper shakers, fun striped bowl.

this photo was taken with my camera on the kitchen counter, but pointed toward our kitchen table (which is counter height). it shows my personal laptop and my work laptop. a coffee cup. my work bag tucked on a chair. my pocketbook on the table. my "don't make a move without it" notebook. and a tiny peek at my hubby's work uniform.

neither of these photos is very good from a composition standpoint…or really any photographic standard. but they provide a slightly different view of our world. and i like that.

interestingly enough, this second photo is a perfect example of capturing the everyday, mundane pieces of your life because they can change so quickly. the photo was taken less than two months ago on a day when i was working from home. just another *normal* day. but now…i no longer work from home. i’m guessing one day i will be glad that i have this photo and it will bring back memories of the many hours spent sitting at that spot.

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