music monday {best days of your life}

today's music monday is about much more than just a video. at some point recently, i realized that i have not yet shared the story of this very important song.

while i was on maternity leave with coleman, we'd often pass the time listening to music, which sometimes lead to spontaneous dancing in the den. i didn't realize it then, but i was probably setting the tone for music in his life.

looking back, it's quite strange how i even came to realize the effect of this song. but when coleman was about six months old, he and i were in the car and he was not happy. i was trying everything i could think to soothe him from the driver's seat, which is pretty difficult, as most moms know. for some reason i thought to put on some music and i honestly don't remember if the song choice was random or purposeful. as kellie pickler's voice filled the car, singing her hit the best days of your life, my tempermental infant went silent. a sigh of relief and i didn't think much of it.

a short while later (i don't remember exactly how long), coleman and i were in the car with my two sisters (leaving a cross country race and headed to ikea...as if you care). he was, once again, not too happy. i said "hmmm, not sure if this will work, but let's try it" and i put on kellie's song...sure enough....silence in the back seat.

once was lucky. twice was coincidence. but then it happened again, and again, and again. no matter where we were, no matter how upset...that one song always worked. i downloaded it on my iPhone, and Matt on his iPod. then Matt was really smart and DVR'd the video on CMT (see photo above). over a year later, we still have that video DVR'd. and yes, it still works. i have no explanation, but i know it was a very popular song during my maternity leave and it was one to which we often danced around the den. maybe he remembered? maybe it was a comfort because of that history? and it's not just kellie's voice. i can even sing the song and have the same outcome (and trust me...i am NO kellie pickler).

over time, he has grown to enjoy a lot of music and there are other songs that have *captured* him. but when push comes to shove, if we truly need some help in settling him down...it's kellie to the rescue! i'm still baffled by the power of this song on him and always wonder how long it will last. when he's 18, will he remember this song or will he just laugh at our silly story?

so, in honor of kellie and all the comfort she's provided coleman (and our famly)...


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