apology {m-i-a}

so, today is the day that i finally acknowledge that i've been totally *m-i-a* here in the blogosphere (by the way...i hate that word). other than the late {music monday} post i did earlier today, i haven't posted since october 16th. that's 10 days. a week and a half. ugh! but please rest assured that i have been thinking about you and my dear (lonely) blog.

in attempt to catch up, without repeating things that will eventually be captured on my (late) {this week} posts, here is holly's recent world in a nutshell:
  • after the big gamecock win over alabama, we lost to kentucky. it was utterly depressing. but we beat vanderbilt (though it shouldn't have been as hard as it was). we are now ranked #17.
  • coleman turned 20 months old
  • coleman and i spent a weekend down with my mom, sister and her crew (they had their annual pumpkin carving party).
  • work has been insanely busy

Product Image Infant Toddler Boys' Sleepwear JUST ONE YOU Made by Carter's® Puppy Footed Pajama Set
  • i bought coleman some more one-piece PJ sets. we put him in these as often as possible so he doesn't scratch his legs at night :( i was also able to go ahead and pick up christmas PJs for both boys while the selection was still good.
  • i've continued planning the upcoming 60th anniversary party
  • my husband started putting my camera in the kitchen cabinet. as a result, i've been taking less pictures. we need to have a little heart-to-heart on this topic :)
  • spencer received his first middle school report card (three As, 1 B). pretty good...especially since he's been struggling with math a little. very proud!
  • i have bought a few christmas gifts and i'm working to get my brain in that gear of gift shopping
  • we found my dream comforter at target (though it's actually a coverlet). of course this happened after purchashing another comforter elsewhere. trying to debate whether to splurge and get it.
Product Image DwellStudio® for Target® Mandala Coverlet 
  • i've continued doing HOA junk until we have our transitional board meeting next month. ugh.
  • i am almost a month behind on my {this week} posts, and photo editing process.
  • i'm putting together an order at Old Navy online and wonder if i'll actually hit the final "order" button. i'm always shopping online and never order!!!
  • i think i may have figured out a "master plan" for our family photo shoot this year. yay!
ok, let's say that's it for now...i'm sure i could go on, but i'm doubting anyone out there is screaming "no, please don't stop rambling! my day will be so incomplete!"...


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