{burden lifted}

remember how i alluded to a burden being lifted yesterday when i took a deep breath? well, i thought i might elaborate.

you may know that i have been serving on my neighborhood’s HOA board of directors (particularly if you read my this week posts). last night, we had our annual meeting and my replacement was elected.

i felt like a thousand pounds was lifted from my shoulders. i think i may have floated out of the building.
please do not misconstrue my words, though. looking back to this moment one year ago… i had no idea what i was getting into. none of us did. but i wouldn’t trade it. i would still do it all over again.

i wholeheartedly believe that our community needed a strong board to get things started. i am by no means perfect, nor an expert…but we had a fabulous group of five serving…and we were each there for a reason.

i am so proud of what we accomplished. truly.

my heart literally swells when i think about what we’ve done in the last twelve months. the hurdles. jumped. the obstacles. overcome. the naysayers. silenced (well, maybe not all of them).

but it was a lot more work than i had ever imagined. and there were too many times that family or work was pushed aside so i could do “just one little thing” for the HOA.

i am happy to end this chapter of my life. but i am so glad it was written. so glad it was part of the chronicles of this southern scrapper.

huge thanks to les, jr, leo and wendy. my fellow board members. and equally huge thanks to my committee members bonnie, shelby, aj and bobbie. we rocked it this year!

i now look forward to kicking back and enjoying the neighborhood as a homeowner and not a leader. (should be interesting for a control freak like myself).

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