this week {9.27 to 10.3}

~ we came up with a new plan at work ~

~ i worked on putting together some prep material for my HOA board replacement ~

~ i watched the final episode of prison break ~
i have now watched all 4 seasons (through netflix streaming). it was definitely a great series and i'm kind of sad it's over.

~ i spent some time in my scrapbook room, mainly tidying things up but also added a bit to coleman's one year album ~

101001 Coleman reading to kids at daycare
~ coleman "read" to everyone at daycare ~
~ my sister finalized the gift exchange list for my family ~

100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 04 - edit
 ~ coleman had some "portraits" taken at daycare ~
they were supposed to be done by a professional photographer, but he cancelled.

~ scott came over to hang out on his birthday ~

~ i ordered a free 8x10 collage from walgreen's ~

~ i unsubscribed from five blogs ~

~ i printed the syllabus for momiversity at inspired to action ~

~ brainstormed ideas for our neighborhood halloween event ~

100929 Coleman + AJ

~ i chose a new theme for coleman's 2nd birthday party ~

~ matt, coleman and i had supper at the white horse ~

~ i attended an HOA board meeting ~

~ i bought a car charger and skin for my blackberry ~

~ i shopped at rite aid and walgreen's ~

~ scott came over to hang out (again) ~
101002 Coleman in yard 01
~ coleman and i played in the yard ~

~ scott came over (again) yes, that's three times in one week ~

~ i had coffee at tara's while coleman and colton played together ~

~ i began working on the october HOA newsletter ~

~ tara and her mother-in-law came by the house for a visit ~

~ i updated the HOA facebook page ~

~ i designed the invitation and other items for my in-laws' anniversary party ~

100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 16 - edit
~ i spent some time editing photos of coleman ~

101003 Coleman at Books a Million 04
~ coleman and i went to target, omega sports and books-a-million ~
we strolled from one store to the next in the shopping center, instead of driving.
it was a gorgeous day.

101003 Coleman before bed 01

{savings tracker}
spent = $230; saved = $237 (51%)
ytd savings = $3,731 (42%)
4wk avg = $168; ytd avg = $134
obviously, i got caught up on some shopping this week!
considering that we were out of a lot of groceries, and my husband made two small (coupon-less) purchases, i think the week turned out pretty darned good.


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