photos {coleman's fall portraits}

this past week, coleman was supposed to have some fall portraits taken at daycare. aj had gone "above and beyond" to set up a photographer to come and do all of the children right there at her home. i was excited to have new professional pictures of him! unfortunately, the photographer cancelled. but, as is normal for aj, she was bound and determined to find a way to make it up to us, the disappointed parents. so, she had someone help her take the kids pictures with cute fall decor. it really was not necessary, but much appreciated. i spent some time in PSE7 and was able to jazz up a few of my favorites. as you can tell, i used totally different effects on each one. some were done with actions, while others i just fiddled with (some were a combination of both). i believe all of the actions i used were freebies from coffeeshop.

i also realized that i never did a *19 month old post* about coleman. he turned 19 months just four days before these photos were taken, so i figured i'd just add the tidbits here...

100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 16 - edit

~ he is doing lots of head nodding and head shaking. he doesn't really *say* "yes" and "no" ~

~ he likes to throw things. maybe a little too much. ~

~ he figured out how to open the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs ~
100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 07 - edit
~ he's obsessed with the toilet...flushing it and putting toilet paper in it ~

~ you can tell him to throw something away and he will do it ~

~ he likes to help clean his high chair tray after eating ~
100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 04 - edit
~ he thinks one of the progressive insurance commercials is hilarious ~

~ he can occupy himself for a long while with a baby wipe or two ~

~ we added a 1/2 teaspoon of benadryl to his daily regime (at night) ~
100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 03 - edit
~ he was put into time-out at daycare for the first time ~
~ he used the potty at daycare for the first time (a fluke, not the start of potty training!) ~

~ he nods his head to music he likes ~

100928 Coleman Fall Portrait 02 - edit


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  1. Super cute pics!
    LOVE the one of Coleman reading!!! :o)