daily prompt {dec 10}

december tenth

"it comes every year and will go on forever. and along with christmas belong the keepsakes and the customs. those humble, everyday things a mother clings to, and ponders, like mary in the secret spaces of her heart." --marjorie holmes

write about your favorite holiday sights

my favorite holiday sights are simply the decorations. even if they aren't ones that i would choose, it makes me happy to see folks get into the holiday spirit. so whether it's a tacky christmas or gawdy lights, i just like see folks recognizing the season.

something that delights your eyes

i love how our entryway looks, especially at night with all the warm lights.

i baked brownies to take to our hoa board meeting.

what specific holiday sights do you remember from your childhood? do you try to re-create any of these now?
i don't remember much specifically, but i remember going to get a real tree. and a i remember the stockings always being hung by the fireplace (everyone had a matching one made by grandma cotton except me).


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