daily prompt {dec 6}

december sixth

at christmas, all roads lead home. ~ marjorie holmes

write about one symbol of the holidays that has particular meaning to you

it may seem obvious, but i think the manger/nativity scene is the most meaningful symbol of the season. there are so many symbols associated with the commercial side of the holidays - santa, christmas trees, snowmen, candy canes, wreaths, etc. These are all great, but there are far too few that focus on what's important.

take a close-up shot of angles of our holiday symbol

Christmas is represented by so many symbols (tree, star, santa, reindeer, candles, wreaths, snowmen, etc), but I think this ornament says it all. It's been a favorite of mine since I purchased it several years ago. Though I don't remember exactly where I got it (unusual for me), I was struck by its beauty and still am today.

attend christmasville (our town's christmas festival).

yesterday, the four of us headed downtown to enjoy some of the christmasville festivities (we didn't do quite as many as usual).

make your home and yard beautiful with white christmas lights

last night, matt got many of the outside lights put up: the icicles, my new trees that go on each side of the door, and the bushes.

do you have any traditions or rituals placing meaningful symbols or decorations in your home?

i remember mom always putting up a nativity scene. but other than that, i'm kind of drawing a blank.


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