daily prompt {dec 9}

december ninth

"i will honor christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." ~ charles dickens

what is your favorite christmas book?
i think it has to be *polar express*. i know this is relatively new, but it will definitely be a classic. it is wonderful and i just love the book and the movie.

the cover(s) or spines of your favorite holiday books

read christmas books to coleman; bought "son" hallmark ornaments 

made hot tea at work; added a little eggnog to my morning coffee

has reading played a part in your holidays past? describe at least one experience.

several years ago, we started a tradition with spencer that partially involves books. i don't remember exactly where i got the idea. but every year on christmas eve, we each open a gift which is always new PJs. spencer opens one other gift which is always a new christmas book. when he was little, we would read it to him that night before bed. i remember the first year when he was able to read the book to us instead. it was the year we were living at my sister's house and the book was by James Marshall. i've always tried to choose a book that was appropriate for his age and that he would enjoy. this is one of my favorite traditions and i look forward to doing it with coleman, as well. our christmas books are packed up and unpacked with the christmas decorations, so it's a nice treat to only have them out during the season.


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