daily prompts {dec 1}

ok, so now i need to play catch-up with the daily prompts from jessica sprague's class, *holidays in hand*. i was hoping to do a digital scrapbook with daily december pages based on the prompts. however, i honestly think it's unrealistic for me and my schedule. i want this to be something that makes the holiday season more enjoyable, not more stressful. so, i think it's realistic to do a daily blog post based on her prompts instead. i will try to include pictures when possible.

{december first}

may your walls know joy,
may every room hold laughter,
and every window open to great possibility.
     ~ mary anne radmacher

i like this quote...kind of reminds me of an irish proverb but not quite as sing-songy.

your thoughts about your family's holiday values

this is an area that i'd really like to strive to improve. i feel like christ should have a more prominent focus during the holiday season, in our home. i want to do a better job of teaching spencer what the holidays are really all about. and of course, get off to a good start with coleman. i'd also like an increased focus on charity and giving - something i feel we used to do a better job with when spencer was a bit younger.

take a "welcome to december" photo of everyone in the family

ok, this is cheating a bit - but here's a family photo anyway. we actually tried to get one at the tree farm (which was 11.30), but the guy taking it didn't hit the button right or something. photo taken by lindsay alexander of la photography.

i'm going to kind of cheat on this one too because the day before (11.30) was filled with christmasy *do* items. here are the things we did:

~ went to a christmas tree farm ~ bought and decorated a live tree ~ decorated two other christmas trees ~ drank hot chocolate ~ shared the stories of special ornaments (as we hung them on the tree)

this might be a stretch but i guess you could say i made the house beautiful by working on getting more christmas decorations up

what is your earliest holiday memory?

i am honestly having a hard time figuring out my earliest, but i do remember some things from my young childhood. i recall my parents having a christmas eve party most years and i really enjoyed that. i also remember listening to my cabbage patch kids christmas album...over and over and over. i know these aren't my earliest though. i recall one christmas when i got my first cabbage patch kid, as well as my teddy bear (bradley) that i still have. 


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