daily prompts {dec 2}

{december second}

there is no ideal christmas; only the one christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, and traditions. ~ bill mckibben

read the article "welcome home, for the holidays!" and write your thoughts

This is definitely a good article and I'm glad Jessica recommended it. I couldn't relate to the first part of it one hundred percent, but there were some sentiments later on that really hit home. Though we don't live in a *grand* house, I feel very blessed for our home and I'm quite happy here. One of the reasons I chose our floor plan, though it may be sad, is because I could immediately invision a lit Christmas tree in the landing upstairs and the banister glowing with a lit garland. Considering we house shopped in mid-summer, this might be a straight thought process for some. Every year, when the decorations go up, I stand in the foyer and look up with a smile. We may have had to wait much longer for our first Christmas in this home than we'd hoped (long story), but it was worth the wait. I love our home year-round, but I truly adore it for this one month. There is something so wonderful and peaceful about the warm glow of Christmas lights. I don't know if I have one of those homes that makes people feel welcome when the arrive, but I hope so. Or I hope that it grows to be that.

something warm

not very exciting, but i love this gray sweater. i bought it last year when i was pregnant because i could just button the top and let the big ole belly hang out. but i still love it. i like that i can wear practically any color with it, and it's warm enough that most days i don't have to wear a coat on top of it.

donate to a charity
i finally made a long overdue trip to the post office. i mailed a large envelope of coupons overseas, as well as cards for soldiers. for more information on these two projects, see overseas coupon program and operation write home.

make a special treat for neighbors
i made some yummy pumpkin bread (from a kit) and warm bacon dip (from a mix) that will be served to neighbors tonight at the social committee meeting i'm hosting. i also continued to make the house look beautiful by working on more decorations.

do you remember making any specific recipe with older family members? what was the experience like?
i do not have any such memories with grandparents (which is what comes to mind when i hear "older" family members). however, i do recall my mom always making chocolate covered peanut butter balls. they were (and still are) my favorite holiday treat. i remember standing at the stove many different times, helping her roll the balls and dipping them into the chocolate. back then it seemed so simple. but as an adult, i've never been able to master these. hey mom - if you are reading this, will you make me some of these for christmas this year?? pretty please??? :)


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