daily prompt {dec 5}

december fifth

"o holy night! the stars are brightly shining, it is the night of the dear saviour's birth." ~placide cappeau de roquemaure

write about a specific holiday song that has meaning to you.

i love christmas music. i have a playlist on my iPod of 168 christmas songs. but surprisingly, there isn't one that has some significant meaning to me. there are plenty that i love (ok, tons and tons and tons that i love). some make me laugh and smile, other makes me cry. but none of them have special meaning outside of the obvious lyrics.

something that reminds you of your favorite holiday song

the first song that popped into my head when i read this prompt was "sleigh ride". it's not necessarily my all-time favorite - i have plenty of favorites. but it's a fun song and i really enjoy debbie gibson's version (go ahead...laugh). Random note: this sleigh sits on the table in our foyer and holds our christmas cards as they roll in.

visit santa clause

this morning we took spencer and coleman to a christmas event that matt's work does. they took a photo with santa and each got a gift. it was a really nice thing for his company to do. spencer got a wal-mart gift card for $20 and for coleman we chose a musical toy that he's really enjoyed. coleman, however, did not do so well on santa's lap.

matt made chili and we watched the sec championship game.

recall a specific instance where you sang or listened to your favorite holiday song. what stands out in your mind?

i don't have any more to offer here than i did above. i listen to christmas music the entire season every year. love it. i do remember caroling once when i was in my college sorority. that was a lot of fun. our neighborhood is doing caroling next weekend and i'm looking forward to that.


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