daily prompts {dec 4}

december fourth

"the joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others' burdens, and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of christmas." ~ w.c. jones

talk about a sentimental piece of holiday decor

my favorite christmas ornament is a red sled that holds a photo of me and my grandpa doty. when i was little, i called him 'pop-pop'. i have the worst "i'm a brat" grumpy look on my face in this picture but it's one of the VERY few pictures of us together.

a favorite piece of holiday decor

this is one of my favorite, newer piece of decor. i got these stockings on sale after christmas two years ago. luckily, i was smart enough to go ahead and buy four. last year, while pregnant, i went ahead and got our names embroidered on all of them. i love how different and whimsy they are! notice how there is also one on the ground in the photo? coleman has totally ignored the christmas tree, but he is all over these stockings!

go to a christmas party

tonight is my work christmas party. we are going to *pie town* in charlotte.

wrap a gift

ok, not very exciting, but we have to take cheesy gifts to the work party so i had to get those wrapped today. nothing fancy. one is just in a gift bag with tissue (which has been unwrapped and rewrapped, thanks to coleman). the other i wrapped using some cute new paper i just picked up at target yesterday (in the dollar spot - gotta love that), and ribbon of course.

do you have any decorating traditions that were handed down to you?

i can't think of any specific traditions, but my mom always made the holiday season very special. that was definitely passed down. our tree was always full of meaningful ornaments, which i think is why i am not one to go out and purchase a bunch of new ornaments for a themed tree each year. she filled our home with handmade crafts and yummy baked cookies. i'm no martha stewart, but i can whip up a homemade goody every once in a while (in the craft room...not so much in the kitchen).


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