daily prompt {dec 11}

december eleventh

when we recall christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things - not the great occasions - give off the greatest glow of happiness." --bob hope

do you have plans for a holiday party this year? write about it.

nope, not really. for some reason, none of our friends or family have a christmas party every year. we've had them in the past, but this opted to skip it and host a bowl party instead. we will be having my family over for dinner one night. and then of course, going to various family homes around christmas. but no actual *parties*. even my work party was more just dinner out.

holiday clothing

i must confess when i read this, i first thought of gawdy christmas sweaters. but then i remember that i'd found this super cute stuff at target (in the dollar spot!!).

look at christmas lights
as is tradition, we picked up matt's mom and we all drove through the light show at stafford park. we voted on our favorites and then checked out a few other neighborhoods as well.

recall a holiday party from the past

i remember that my parents used to host a christmas eve party when we lived in georgetown. i loved it and really looked forward to it. i guess some things never change.


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