this week {11.30 - 12.6}

~ i ordered three sweaters and a scarf from victoria's secret for only $33. praying they fit. ~

~ we got spencer out of school early to go get our christmas tree ~

~ i did four loads of laundry (really?? that's it???) ~

~ i shopped at rite aid, bi-lo, blockbuster, cvs, target, game stop and food lion ~

~ i watched glee, lie to me, and private practice ~

~ matt and i rented wolverine. i fell asleep. ~

~ spencer and i put up three christmas trees and decorated them (matt did put the lights on the live tree but that's about the extent of his involvement) ~
this is spencer's tree in his room.

~ i caught a sweet brotherly moment ~

~ i cleaned out my desk at work. seriously overdue. ~

~ spencer took archery lessons at school in the mornings ~

~ we got a new coffee pot at work. yummy. ~

~ i finally mailed some cards for heroes and expired coupons to soldiers ~

~ coleman puked up a couple of meals...just enough to freak me out. he's fine now ~

~ i bought some cheesy gag gifts for my work christmas party ~

~ i finished reading "two dollar bill" by stuart woods ~

~ i made pumpkin bread (from a libby's kit) ~

~ les tried on the santa suit to make sure it'll work for our neighorhood caroling ~

~ coleman slept ten hours one night without benadryl ~

~ i hosted a social committee meeting at our house ~

~ i got several christmas gift orders in the mail (from black friday) ~

~ i got my free photobook in the mail. it is gorgeous! ~

~ instead of bothering the christmas trees, coleman is obsessed with the stockings ~

~ matt and i went to my christmas work dinner at pie town in charlotte ~

~ snuggies were the "gift of the night" at above mentioned dinner. we walked away with a burgundy one. matt also got an itunes gift card. ~

~ i worked on the jessica sprague daily prompts and have been posting them on my blog ~

~ we took the boys to visit santa and get gifts at an event that matt's work does every year. ~
coleman wasn't a happy camper

~ we watched the sec and acc championship games ~

~ i updated my blog background, header and signature for the holiday season ~

~ we attended christmasville and then ate at mchale's ~

~ matt put up some of the christmas lights outside ~

~ gamecocks bowl spot was announced: papajohns.com bowl, saturday, jan 2nd at 2 p.m. against uconn ~ 

~ i took 37 photos ~
see them all here: december 2009 and 2009 christmas season


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