this week {12.7 - 12.13}

ok, so my "this week" post is actually last week. and i know i'm totally behind on my daily prompts. but i promise i will get caught back up. it's just been a crazy few weeks.

~ i sent four different envelopes of money to school with spencer (and empty 2 liter bottles) ~

~ spencer went to his school book fair and bought blind side. i am hoping to read it when he's done. ~

~ i shopped at hallmark (twice), party city (browsed, no purchases), target, wal-mart, rack room, books a million, and food lion ~

~ i shopped online at dicks, kohls and old navy ~

~ i went to the library and got christmas books for me and coleman ~

~ i did seven loads of laundry ~

~ i paid child support for matt (again) ~

~ there was a gorgeous sunrise one morning ~

~ i worked on details of neighborhood caroling event ~

~ i finally got december schedule worked out with spencer's mom ~

~ my victoria secret's order was delivered. i was very pleased with the sweaters, but disappointed in the color of my *free* scarf. i ordered 'electric blue' and it is SO purple ~

~ i brainstormed some party ideas for coleman's birthday. i'm posting everything that catches my fancy on my tumblr site: http://chroniclesofasouthernscrapper.tumblr.com/ ~

~ i designed and sent out the email invite for our bowl party ~

~ i reorganized my drawer of scarves, hats and gloves ~

~ my five-year anniversary at work was recognized in a meeting ~

~ i watched castle, lie to me, bones, fringe ~

~ rio had something weird happen to him. we think it was a seizure. he seems fine now. scared the crap out of me in a very serious way.~

~ my committee rented a sign for our caroling event ~

~ i held a baby much smaller than my own (3 months old). she made coleman seem like a giant. ~

~ i made brownies ~

~ christmas cards finally started to roll in. love it. ~

~ spencer continued his archery lessons at school and i attended a demo on friday morning ~

~ we picked up jo and checked out the christmas lights show in stafford park. then hit a few more neighborhoods ~

~ i had an hoa board meeting. it was a tough one ~

~ we had our caroling event in the neighborhood ~
yes, we totally rednecked it up and santa is riding in the back of a red lowrider truck.

given coleman's reaction to the last santa, we thought it'd be best if i just held him this time.

~ matt, coleman and i went to carolina place mall for some christmas shopping ~

coleman enjoyed watching all the people and action, but it must've been exhausting :)

~ lots of shopping (alone) on sunday. most of my christmas shopping is done ~

~ matt worked an extra half shift, so i stayed up late (midnight) waiting for him to get home ~

~ i took 79 photos (lots of duplicates that were quickly deleted) ~
you can see them all here: archery, december 2009, and 2009 christmas season


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