story {pops the bear}

when i picked coleman up from daycare one friday, we were given pops the bear and his bag of belongings. pops was to spend the weekend with us and we'd then document our adventures together. the timing worked out well since coleman & i headed out of town for the weekend. here is our story from pop's point of view...

hi friends! this weekend i went on an adventure with coleman, his mommy and his aunt sherry. we rode in the car for three hours and ended up in a city called conway, sc. that is where aunt michelle lives. she has an ipad and we had fun playing with it!
110121 Conway Visit 3 - Coleman + Michelle + Pops iPad
coleman was a great friend for the weekend. he even let me sleep in his bed with him and his "monk-monk" so i wouldn't be scared in a new place. for breakfast, we enjoyed some tasty oatmeal.
110123 Conway Visit 01 - Coleman eating oatmeal
on saturday, coleman's mommy had to go do something. we stayed home with grandma sharon, uncle marion and coleman's cousin, maggie. we watched tv, played with blocks and raced cars. we even built a ramp with the blocks so the cars could ride on it.

110122 Conway Visit 05 - Maggie + Coleman

110122 Conway Visit 07 - Pops with blocks

later that day, we all went shopping at several different stores. coleman got some new pjs. we had a sweet treat at starbucks too. coleman also drew a special picture to keep in my bag.
110122 Conway Visit 10 - Coleman drawing
it was really a fun weekend. even though we had to spend a lot of time in the car, it was worth it. coleman's family is a lot of fun! i can't wait to see what my next adventure will be. love, pops


  1. adorable! {love} that it is from the bears point of view! so cute!

  2. So sweet!! Kate and Sully did that in Kindergarten. I loved it :) ANd I can't believe your blog is five yeas old! Mine was four in November.. Time flies!