dieting for dummies {2.20}

total weight loss: holding steady at 9 pounds
my body seems to lose weight in a peak & valley kind of way. i don't lose anything for a week or two and then all of a sudden i drop several pounds quickly.

tip: find the victories
despite no weight loss, i'm still feeling encouraged. this week i was able to break out a couple of pairs of dress pants that had been in hiberation for a while. that was very exciting. plus, i've continued getting comments/compliments from friends & family.

tip: plan ahead
think about your day and if you need to "conserve" points. when matt works night, i allow myself more freedom during the day because i know it'll be easy to fix myself a healthy, low-point supper. if i know i will be eating out for dinner, going to someone's home, or just having a high-point meal at home, i am more careful during the day.
a few random thoughts:
~ i failed miserably in the exercise department. no excuses.
~ i'm loving edamame as a favorite snack
~ bubbly water is my liquid treat.

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  1. so impressed!
    you are doing so well... i need to follow in your footsteps!