web wednesday {2.2}

today is a special heart day version of *web wednesday*. i'll start by reminding you of a couple of past posts here at the chronicles:

easy pencil goodies - i made these last year for spencer's (5th grade) classmates
these are a great solution because they aren't *too girly* or *too young*

hybrid valentines with a pencil treat - i made these last year for coleman's daycare buddies

my heart day decor from 2007. sometimes i forget about my own great ideas. i love that i used red hearts in those vases/candle holders...something i haven't done since. silly me!

and now for valentine's day goodies from around the web...

tutorial for some fun "tissue art". definitely want to do this with coleman. from sunny side up.

this post has tons of great valentine kid's craft ideas!

i'm pretty sure this cupcake fondue idea is the best thing ever. we have to do this. this could be about valentine's day or totally not. i'm thinking this would be a great treat on a child's birthday to show them they are special! something relatively easy to pull off at home on a weeknight or whatever!


i never thought of painting heart cookies before you cook them. what a fabulous (and easy) idea!!! i'm always struggling for age-appropriate activities for coleman. i think decorating cookies this way would be way easier for him than the standard icing way. from the same site: coffee filter hearts

eighteen 25 always does a great job with seasonal posts. they have several valentine's day things up already (and i expect more will follow):
valentine's frames (pictured above)
peanut butter blossoms (recipe)
here they link up tons of ideas from other blogs
free digital valetine card downloads!!! (three options)
use the downloads for a sweet treat valentine
adorable DIY candy dish idea

Rockstar Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Valentine's Day Party Ideas...
Love Rocks

heart shaped marshmallow treats

marriage & love: a holy experience is focusing on *the practice of marriage* the two weeks leading up to valentine's day. links from other blogs are also at the bottom of this post.

enjoy this season of hearts and hugs.

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