celebrate monday {catch-up}

i haven't participated in the last several celebrate monday challenges at simple scrapper, but i love the concept so i did want to play catch-up. i find that these really help me to see some old photos in a new light. i love it!

110116 Sippy Cup & Pacifier on candles
2.7the little things

it's the little things that remind us we have little ones in our lives. a few years ago, a sippy cup and pacifier resting atop pillar candles wouldn't be considered trendy decor. today, i can't imagine anything more aethestically pleasing. (photo taken 01.16.2011)

110113 Matt's Birthday 02
2.14: my heart soars

this is the one fellow that makes my heart soar. i love his laugh. i love how he wears the same gamecock clothing over and over and ignores my fashion advice. i love how he plays with his boys. my heart smiles when i see him smile. (photo taken on matt's birthday: 01.13.2011)

090224 Coleman's Birth - Holly & Coleman after birth02
2.21: change is hard, change is good

when i read this prompt, i knew immediately what i wanted to showcase. having a baby is definitely the biggest change in my life in a long while. it was hard, but it was so good. it still is hard and it is still so good. (photo taken 02.24.2009)


  1. beautiful memories, thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Mrs. Blackwell, we don't technically know one another, and I see where you haven't opened or read my message to you in December on your Face book message board. It's okay if you choose to never read this one either. I have just shared what the Lord has laid on my heart with several people today, and thought I'd do the same for you.
    The comments that you make regarding the 2/14 photo of your spouse, Matthew, opening his birthday gift, are so incredibly touching. My girlfriend and I had tears in our eyes as we read it. It is so touching and even somewhat poetic.
    It is my understanding that the two of you are separated now (I heard from my brother, Jeff Lynch, who knows Matthew, and who heard from The White Horse Restaurant staff, the day after Thanksgiving), and don't know the circumstances of your situation, but just wanted you to know that my husband and I are praying for your family - all four of you - that the Lord's will prevail in each of your lives and that He bring reconciliation if this is possible and peace and acceptance if it is not. I just messaged several of my friends regarding the same matter, and prayed the same for my brother when he lived with us and was going through his divorce from 9/2012-9/2013. I don't feel as if I have a right to pray that couple's get back together or that they don't - only that God lead them in the path He wishes for them to take, and that no matter what the outcome, that each individual, in whatever their circumstances, are ALWAYS drawn closer to the Lord and His son, Jesus Christ.
    My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog for entertainment purposes and found your baby boy to be most entertaining. He has a lot of personality! I will pray especially for the boys as they pass through these waters, just as my now eleven year old nephew did, as it is often hard to explain to them comprehensively what is going on. This is why I have always explained to my nephew, even as a toddler and we prayed over various matters, that the Lord does not speak audibly to us, but to our hearts and minds through the Holy Spirit. I pray he does the same for the four of you, but most especially the boys. What we can often never convey in words to our much loved ones, especially the youngest of God's children, the Holy Spirit can! May you find healing and peace in the New Year and may your relationship with the Lord grow stronger as you walk through this valley. In Christ, Julie Lynch Spears