coleman {2 years old}

in honor of coleman's birthday, here are 24 things about my two-year-old ... one for each month. (and i'm scheduling this to post at 4:27 p.m. -- the same time he joined our family two years ago).

~ he rolls his eyes and thinks it's hilarious ~

~ he is completely obsessed with mickey mouse clubhouse ~

~ he weighs 29 pounds ~

~ he starts sentences with "mommy" and repeats them over and over ~
example "mommy, it's a dog. mommy, it's a dog. mommy it's a dog..."

~ he has started using the potty at AJs ~

~ he was allergy tested (no major allergies) ~

~ he has become obsessed with having rio near him. but he does not  like the dogs nearby when he's eating ~

~ getting him to eat a decent supper is often difficult ~

~ he is still a very early riser. most mornings by 6:00. often times 5:00 or 5:30 ~

~ he loves, loves, loves watching the your baby can read dvds ~

~ his favorite food is breakfast sausage. but he also loves pepperoni ~

~ he is going through a cuddly stage. and i'm totally cool with that. ~

~ he started called his daddy "matt" ~

~ he is getting much better at catching balls and his throwing arm continues to impress ~

~ he loves grapes. a lot. ~

~ he calls all gloves and mittens "mitts" and he loves putting them on ~

~ he likes to climb into his carseat on his own ~

~ the nice weather has made him a very happy boy. lots of outside time ~

 ~ every morning i wake up to "mama up. mama up. mama up." over the baby monitor ~

~ sometimes he just randomly throws up ~

~ he hasn't had a sick visit to the doctor since before his 18 month appointment ~

~ he mimics everything matt and i do. in the mornings he wants to put on lotion, use my makeup brushes, comb his hair, etc. ~

~ he adores bathtime and bubbles ~

~ nothing makes him as happy as his big brother ~

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