and so the day has come...my "baby" boy, is two. last night, i tucked him in and said goodbye to my one-year-old. the time has flown by, yet i can hardly remember life without him. that early morning drive to the hospital seems like it was so many moons ago. and then i look at my toddler and think how quickly it seems to have passed.

the last two years have been hard and easy. tough and crazy. rewarding and stressful. happy and scary. wonderful and worrisome. they've been perfectly imperfect and i wouldn't change a thing.

coleman rhea - welcome to *two*.
may it be as awesome as the last 24 months!
i love you baby boy.
and YES, you will always be my baby.

here is our precious newborn, two years ago...

and our toddling one year old...

and our phenomenal two-year-old...

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