celebrate {january}

last year, i documented my everyday life here at the chronicles by posting a *this week* recap. these included all of the exciting and oh-so-many unexciting things that happened in my day-to-day world, accompanied by photos. though i loved the documentation of daily life, i struggled with keeping those posts updated and was usually a few weeks behind.

for 2011, i knew i wanted a different approach, a monthly approach. but it took a few weeks to come up with an official plan. but i did. and i'm excited. this year, my monthly posts are all about celebrating everyday life. i won't bore you with my average weekly savings or where i shopped that week. my favorite tv shows and how long i brushed my teeth each day will be omitted. i will focus on the slightly more important things.

i would love to have it ready to post on the first of every month. but i won't. and i won't care. because it doesn't really matter. what matters is that i'm documenting the celebrations. punctuality is irrelevant. so let's get started...

celebrate {big moments}
110103 Britt Blackwell County Council Induction 02

celebrate {little moments}

110108 Coleman's Haircut

celebrate {struggles}
  • matt's father received injuries during an accident at work
  • i learned my mom needed to have a biopsy
  • my sisters and i struggled to heal our relationship with our father
  • spencer brought home a less-than-desirable report card (for the first time ever)

celebrate {family}
  • we played in the snow
  • we played in the warmth
  • coleman and i took a road trip to visit family for the weekend

celebrate {words}
  • in the new testament, i read the books of mark, luke, and john. i'm currently reading acts.
  • i'm in the process of reading swimsuit by james patterson
  • also reading debt free for life by david bach.
101218 New Testament

celebrate {home}
  • we implemented a new toy organization system in our den
  • i purged & organized our bedroom dresser drawers
  • valentine's day decor graced our home
  • we got a quote on some new flooring

celebrate {organization}
  • i began using a blogging calendar for the first time in five years of my blog history
  • a new binder & weekly calendar system have proven successful additions to my daily life
  • birthday party & bridal shower planning were in full force

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